The skilled migration points test is expected to be updated on the 16th of November 2019. These changes will be revised for the new incoming subclass 491 as well as the traditional General Skilled Migration (489,189,190) visas. The review of the points test is to target applicants that the Department feels will bring greater economic benefit to the country.

The Changes

  1. Additional points will be allocated for skilled spouses/de facto partners, 10 Points
  2. Additional points will be allocated for nominations for State/Territory government or by family members residing in Regional Australia, 15 Points
  3. Addition of 10 points will be allocated for S(science) T(technology) E(engineering) M(mathematics) qualifications.
  4. Applicants who does not have a spouse or de facto partner will get additional 10 points
  5. Applicants who do have a with competent English will receive 5 points

Apart from the changes in the points test, these applications will be put through an ordering system to prioritise certain applications, the ranks are as follows:

  1. First, primary applicants with skilled spouse/de facto partner and primary applicants without spouse/de facto partner.
  2. Second, primary applicants with a spouse/de facto partner who can demonstrate competency in English but does not have the skills required to obtain partner points.
  3. Third, primary applicants with a partner who does not possess competency in English.

These changes are aimed at providing Australia with not only a skilled primary applicant but a secondary applicant whom can also benefit the economy.

For further information on these upcoming changes, please contact us.

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