The WA Government has announced today that a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is being implemented for the Kalgoorlie/Goldfield regions, as mentioned by the Department today here

This is good news for the region as businesses in the region have been pushing for more incentives for skilled labour to access the region.

This will promote 72 occupations to have exemptions in this region. Traditionally from a persisting agreement currently in place (DAMA NT) concessions have been implemented for English Requirements (For Temporary and ENS Visas) and Income Thresholds (For Temporary Stream Visas).

The English concession will reduce IELTS requirements from 6.0 overall to;

IELTS bandStandardTSS concessionENS concession
OverallMedium term stream – 5.0
Short term stream – 5.0 
SpeakingMedium term stream – 5.0
Short term stream – 4.5
ListeningMedium term stream – 5.0
Short term stream – 4.5
ReadingMedium term stream – 5.0
Short term stream – 4.5
No minimum4.5
WritingMedium term stream – 5.0
Short term stream – 4.5
No minimum4.5

The Income Threshold Concession will reduce the minimum income requirement for TSS (Temporary) visas by 10%;

  • Reducing overall by 10% from $53,900 to $48,510
  • Within this $48,510, 10% ($4,851) of it can be comprised of Non-Monetary Earnings (Rent, Board, Food, Flights, Phone and Vehicle)

We will await to see what concessions the Western Australia Government will announce for this region and keep updated.

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